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McBeth Marathon Fundraiser
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Ending: 3/18/2013
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McBeth Marathon Fundraiser

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In Jason's words...

On March 17th I'll be running the Los Angeles Marathon in an effort to raise money for the Guardian Scholars Program, providing academic scholarships, educational assistance, and counseling to former foster youth who otherwise would not have the means to go to college. Having spent my entire childhood in the California foster care system and having been left on my own at age 18 with no guidance or support for my future, I was lucky enough, two years later, to be among the first Guardian Scholar recipients. The opportunity truly saved my life and gave me the chance to pursue my dreams, a chance that every foster child should get, regardless of the limitations of their upbringing.
Click any of the links below to see videos about why I've chosen a marathon, what the Guardian Scholars program means to me, or for a little more info on the national plight of foster children:
Why a marathon:

Jason's Story:

The national plight of foster children:

For any questions, tax deduction info, or alternate payment options, please contact Carlos Leija at (714)619-0201

Orangewood Children's Foundation invites you to join in the effort to break the cycle of abuse. Every contribution, regardless of the gift level, is critically important to the Foundation's work with abused and neglected children in Orange County. By making a gift, you enable the Foundation to create and expand our programs and services that help abused and neglected youth build better lives for themselves. For every dollar donated, 85˘ goes to the programs including financial assistance, mentors, daily living skills workshops, transitional housing and college scholarships. In our 28 year history we have helped over 74,000 kids find their wings and soar. Beyond our programs, for thousands of foster children Orangewood means “family,” “opportunity” and “hope.”
Donations to McBeth Marathon Fundraiser
Monty Maguire $25.00 3/16/2013
Joe Heiser $50.00 3/16/2013
Anon $100.00 3/16/2013 Happy to be a part of this.
Shelley Wells $50.00 3/15/2013 A great cause.
Neil Rothman Jr. $50.00 3/15/2013
Peter Gorton $50.00 3/13/2013 Best of luck Jason!! Amazing to run a marathon, even more amazing to do it for others! A true guardian scholar! :)
Carlos and Gwen Leija $50.00 3/12/2013 So proud of you doing this challenge! Good luck! Carlos and Gwen
Anon $100.00 3/11/2013
Conrad Hawk $25.00 3/11/2013
Alexandra Tugurian $50.00 3/10/2013 Good luck, Jase!
Michael Krikorian $26.00 3/10/2013
Tony Sepulveda $100.00 3/9/2013
John Cooper $50.00 3/8/2013
Kole Cooper $50.00 3/8/2013 So awesome what you're doing. Good luck with the run.
Anon $50.00 3/7/2013
Greg Allwood $50.00 3/6/2013 Well done for having a crack at something important to you. Wish I was in a position to give more.
Anon $500.00 3/1/2013
Juniper Austin $100.00 2/28/2013

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