My Orangewood is a great way to celebrate or mark an occasion and, at the same time, give to Orangewood Foundation’s foster and community youth. In a few easy steps, you can share your passion for Orangewood with family, friends and colleagues.

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About My Orangewood

My Orangewood campaigns can be set up for anything in your life – birthdays, weddings, births, sports/physical challenges, the passing of a loved one, etc. Why not forgo gifts and instead have family and friends help foster and community youth in Orange County instead? Use your imagination!

  • Birthdays
    Make you birthday matter. Give up gifts this year and ask for donations to Orangewood instead.
  • Special Occasions
    Ask friends to help an Orangewood teen or young adult instead of buying a gift for your wedding, graduation, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, baby shower or christening.
  • In Memory of...
    Honor the memory of someone you love by encouraging family, friends and colleagues to make a donation in their name to help to foster and community youth.

Start a campaign


Click here to view the My Orangewood User Guide.

What will you do to support our youth?