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LP Takes on the Orangewood Adventure Challenge!!
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Ended: 10/16/2017
$15,000.00 $6,120.00 40 0
This campaign has ended and is longer accepting donations to the
Orangewood Children's Foundation for:

LP Takes on the Orangewood Adventure Challenge!!

100% of your donation helps fund the Orangewood Children's Foundation.
In Laura Peters's words...

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!! As you probably know, every year I’m up for a physical challenge to raise awareness and money for my most favorite non-profit charity, Orangewood Foundation (! This year is no different. I’ll be joining three teammates along with other teams on Saturday, September 16th for the 2nd Annual Orangewood Adventure Challenge. The event takes place on Catalina Island and includes biking, running, and kayaking.

Orangewood Foundation is a non-profit organization that makes a difference through their vast programs focusing on Health & Wellness, Housing, Life Skills & Employment, and Education. The Adventure Challenge will specifically support Orangewood’s college scholarships for former foster youth. Orangewood responsibly utilizes their resources by contributing $0.88 of each dollar to their programs and youth. I ask for your financial support to help make the dreams of the underprivileged youth a reality!!!

My goal is to raise $15,000 ($500 per mile of the Challenge). Below are ways you can give and examples of how Orangewood applies your gift:

$5,000 = A 1-year scholarship and book stipend at a 4-year college or university
$2,500 = A 1-year scholarship at a community college
$1,000 = A 1-year book stipend at a college or university
$500 = A 1-semester book stipend at a college or university

Orangewood Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Tax ID# 95-3616628.)

As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!
Donations to LP Takes on the Orangewood Adventure Challenge!!
Bradley & Jennifer Beachler $50.00 10/12/2017 Thanks LP for everything you do to support the kids at Orangewood. We love you!
Bobby & Vicky $50.00 10/10/2017 You rock LP!
Branko Dujanovic $200.00 9/28/2017
Mark Westling $50.00 9/27/2017 Way to go LP, you Rock!
Daily Family $200.00 9/26/2017 Nice work LP, Orangewood is lucky to have your continued support!!
Greg Uhrig $100.00 9/26/2017
Ray & Molly De La Cruz $30.00 9/22/2017 Love to support Laura and this great cause -- keep it up!
Jason Pollock $100.00 9/21/2017 Get er done LP!!!
Karla, Jason, Jayla, and Brooklyn $200.00 9/20/2017 Go LP Go!!! Nice job!
chris richner $100.00 9/20/2017 Good luck, Laura!!
Michael Sharp $100.00 9/19/2017 Great job LP!
Cain Family $200.00 9/19/2017 Always willing to help LP, she does the hard work I just give support.
Christine Barrett $100.00 9/18/2017
Dave & Knut $100.00 9/18/2017 You rock! What a great cause!
Khoa Nguyen $25.00 9/18/2017
Cindy Vigil $25.00 9/18/2017 Way to go LP!!!
Yolanda West $40.00 9/18/2017 Laura, I certainly hope you are able to meet your goal. So glad to contribute to such a worthy cause!
Susan Peck $100.00 9/18/2017 Go LP go!!
Kevin Hart $200.00 9/18/2017 Great cause, LP!
Barry & Tracy $50.00 9/18/2017 LP you rock!!
Ellen Poissant $200.00 9/18/2017 Congrats Laura! You are the best ! Ellen
Hartanto Family $50.00 9/17/2017 Go Laura. All the best!! You are such an inspiration :)
Todd Gilman $100.00 9/14/2017 Go Laura Go!!
Elaine Patti $50.00 9/14/2017 You Rock LP:-)
Kunz Family $100.00 9/14/2017
Michael Ullman $75.00 9/14/2017
Kevin Bax $100.00 9/13/2017
Laura Peters $350.00 9/13/2017 So proud of you and what you do for Orangewood.
Joseph Hughes $100.00 9/13/2017
Troy Veilleux Consulting Inc $200.00 9/13/2017 To a GREAT cause, for a great friend and business partner.
Shelly Reed $75.00 9/12/2017 Thank you for being such an inspiration LP!!
Doug Kirsten $50.00 9/11/2017
Pat and Roe Noonan $50.00 9/11/2017
Anon $25.00 9/11/2017
Anon $200.00 9/11/2017 Good Luck!!!
Berney Family $50.00 9/11/2017 Keep up the good work LP, and good luck at your race
Paul & Cathi $200.00 9/11/2017 Happy to help !!!
The Shore Family $100.00 9/11/2017 Good luck!
Laura Peters $2,000.00 8/28/2017 This is for EVERY child that has been dealt a tough hand at life!! May Orangewood bless every dollar that goes to serving these less privileged youth!!!

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