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Child Abuse & Foster Care

  • In fiscal 2011/2012, there were over 34,500 reports of suspected child abuse, neglect or abandonment in Orange County.  These children range in age from newborns to teens and come from every ethnic group in the county.
  • Child abuse cases occur in every area in the County:
    North=32%, South=21%, West=18%, Central=26%, Out-of-County/Unknown=3%
  • Approximately 10% of the most serious cases are admitted to the Orangewood Children’s Home.
  • Over 2,800 children are dependents of the court and of those almost 2,000 children are in out-of-home care in an average month.
  • Approximately 200-250 foster care teens each year emancipate or “age-out” of the dependency system at age 18.
  • In California among foster youth who have been in care for 24 months or longer, 50% have had 3 or more placements while 17% have had 5 or more placements.
  • Statewide, 60% emancipating foster youth have been in care for 36 months or more and during that time most have moved on average every year.

Educational & Other Outcomes for Former Foster Youth (In California)

  • 46% lack a high school degree versus 16% of the general population
  • Less than 10% who do graduate from high school go on to college. Of those, fewer than 2% receive a college degree.
  • 65% emancipate (transition to adulthood) without a place to live
  • 70% of all state prison inmates were in foster care
  • 51% are unemployed within 2-4 years of emancipation

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