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What Can One Person Do To Prevent Child Abuse
(Reprinted by permission of The Raise Foundation)

Change yourself...
  • Ask yourself how you are doing as a parent. Vow to learn one new thing about being a parent by reading or talking to other parents.
  • Respect your family members and use a courteous tone of voice with them.
  • Learn to apologize to your children when you are wrong.
  • Make time to play together. Praise children and teens for being good, for doing the little things that are so easy to take for granted.
  • Tell your children "I love you" more often.
  • Violence teaches violence. Forget about hitting your kids.
Change your community...
  • Reach out to neighbors and relatives with children. Offer to baby-sit to give them a break.
  • Don't wait for someone else to do it... take action. Arrange for a speaker on child abuse to come to your PTA meeting or adult Sunday school class.
  • Volunteer time in a child crisis shelter, parenting support program, drug abuse prevention/treatment program, or shelter for the homeless.
Change the world...
  • Write a letter to your elected representatives and let them know it is your choice that they act to support parent education and child abuse prevention.
  • Register to vote and use your vote to reflect your concern about children.
  • Child abuse prevention organizations are only as strong as their members.

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