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Without a traditional family for support, and a lack of stability and consistency in their education, many foster youth struggle in their education.  Statistics show:

  • Foster youth drop out of school at twice the rate of other youth;
  • Almost 50% of foster teens do not graduate from high school;
  • Fewer than 10% of foster youth who graduate from high school go on to college.

Foster youth join plenty of other youth in Orange County who are struggling to graduate from high school:

  • Children growing up in poverty are 25% less likely to graduate from high school; 
  • 12% of school age children in Orange County are living in poverty; and
  • 26.3% of school age children in Santa Ana are living in poverty.

After exploring a variety of solutions, Orangewood Children’s Foundation has identified a college-preparatory, public charter school serving foster, underserved and community teens as the best solution for our community.

» Click here to visit the school’s website. 

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