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Over 2,500 children and teens in Orange County are in foster care. Of those, 200-250 turn 18 each year and are released from the system to find their way in the world. These innocent victims don’t have the benefit of a loving family to guide and support them. They need a caring, stable adult in their lives – someone to help them see life’s possibilities, someone who encourages their pursuit of a better life, someone who listens. Without one, their future can be bleak – homelessness, unemployment, destructive relationships and incarceration.

The Orangewood Children’s Foundation Mentor Program works to make a difference in these young people’s lives. The program matches qualified adult mentors with current or former Orange County foster youth of all ages, from 8th grade through 25 years old. Mentors support and encourage these children and young adults as they grow up in foster care and through critical periods in their lives – while in high school, college or trade school, or as they transition out of the foster care system into a life on their own. We are seeking mentors to actively participate with the increasing number of foster youth in our programs. Our goal is to be able to provide a mentor for every foster youth who wants one.

Our Mentor Program is designed to create meaningful mentoring relationships that enrich the lives of both individuals and increase the odds of future success for the young person.

"Being a mentor has opened my eyes to the many obstacles foster youth
must overcome to succeed. It has introduced me to an amazing young woman
who impresses and inspires me every day.
I feel such a sense of pride in her accomplishments."
- Marty, a mentor

“I love the fact that I can share my feelings with my mentor.
I want her in my life forever.”

- Alicia, former foster youth, age 19

»Click here if you are interested in becoming a mentor.
»Click here if you would like to refer a current or former foster youth to our program.
»»If you are a current or former foster youth (8th grade up to 25 years old) and would like to be matched with a mentor, please visit our new Orangewood youth site at www.ocf4you.org to learn more.

Make a donation to the Mentor Program:
»Click here if you would like to make a general donation to our Mentor Program.
»Click here if you would like to make a donation to underwrite the fingerprinting costs of our Mentor Program.

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