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Rising Tide is a transitional housing program for emancipated foster youth who are at least 18 years of age. The purpose of the program is to provide motivated young people with affordable housing and supportive services to help them make a successful transition to independence.

Foster children leave the protected environment of the foster care system on their 18th birthdays. At that point they are on their own to make a life for themselves in the best possible way. Without a caring family, resources, training, or experience to support them, most of these young adults find themselves alone - nearly half will find themselves homeless.

In 1999 Orangewood Children's Foundation partnered with a group of concerned business leaders to implement the innovative Rising Tide Communities. Rising Tide is a holistic program that provides a complete range of independent living services and it has become a model for nationwide replication. The Rising Tide partnership has two residential apartment complexes for this program, Flanders Pointe in Tustin and Orange Tree in Garden Grove. A number of apartments in each complex are set aside from the general public for use by the youth.

In 2012 YWCA Central Orange County, recognizing our expertise in transitional housing for former foster youth, approached Orangewood to take over operations and ownership of the First Steps at Beverly’s House program. Now part of Rising Tide, Beverly’s House serves young women transitioning from the foster care system to independent adulthood at the age of 18 in a fully furnished home in the city of Orange.

Rising Tide residents pay reduced rent and have access to on-site computers. They receive support and guidance to: save money and become financially stable, find and maintain a job, and develop and pursue educational goals.

»» If you are a current or former foster youth interested in the Rising Tide program, please visit our new Orangewood youth site at www.ocf4you.org for more information.

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